Last updated: May 01, 2022.

<aside> 🤓 This document describes the Reacher's JSON API response, including the is_reachable field.


Here is an example JSON response for (note that this email is disabled by Gmail):

	"input": "",
	"is_reachable": "invalid",
	"misc": {
		"is_disposable": false,
		"is_role_account": false
	"mx": {
		"accepts_mail": true,
		"records": [
	"smtp": {
		"can_connect_smtp": true,
		"has_full_inbox": false,
		"is_catch_all": false,
		"is_deliverable": false,
		"is_disabled": true
	"syntax": {
		"domain": "",
		"is_valid_syntax": true,
		"username": "someone"

The JSON fields can be categorized into 2 categories:

is_reachable field = Email deliverability

For each email, Reacher gives a confidence score in terms of deliverability in the is_reachable field. This field can take 4 values:

Detailed deliverability in other fields

If the 4 variants of the is_reachable field is not enough for your use case, then you can look into the other fields, which provide more details about the email address.

When you input an email address, Reacher starts analyzing the email in 4 areas.

  1. ✏️ Syntax Checks "syntax": Syntax checks ensure that the email meets certain basic criteria such as whether it contains the "@" symbol within the email address.