My short answer: Twitter and info dense condensed tweets.

My long answer:

Twitter is literally the best platform out there for creating content as a creator. Other channels work too. But none of them work as best as twitter does. There is so much serendipity here in the network that it is almost unbelievable.

You could be Twitter, Linked In, or your own mailing list for a newsletter, depending on which channel your target audience is most likely to use.

Even if you just have 10 or 20 people to start with, you can already start sharing valuable content. The key is to be present, be consistent, and be helpful. When you're on Twitter or LinkedIn, it is not just about posting, there is also interacting with people, replying to their posts, and cheering and mentioning each other to make each other successful.


  1. Build in public. (Refer to Ch 4)
  2. Write tweets that are highly condensed, talk about a single idea, make them information dense and share as much value as possible.
  3. Formats: Check out @heyblake's tweets. They are the best source for inspo
  4. Create and share resources you find useful. Create a lead magnet asking for a like and comment on a post and you will dm them the link.

Next, build a mailing list.

Building a mailing list is more difficult than curating a Twitter audience because people have to agree to give over their email addresses. Newsletters via a mailing list are your surest way to reach your audience without distraction, it is the ultimate distribution channel that everyone wants.

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