Our community includes trusted guides globally who are committed to giving travelers remarkable, safe and professional experiences. Below you'll find information tax recommendations, regulation/licenses, safety, prevention, emergency guidelines, and disaster management best practices.


Guides are responsible for understanding the tax rules and regulations within their own country. To ensure that your specific situation complies with tax regulations, we recommend consulting with your tax advisor and/or accountant. Your Thermal listing includes an option to add on a tax (percentage of total reservation).

Regulations and permits

It's important to make sure you're legally allowed to operate your business in your region/country and obtain the necessary licenses. We recommend that guides check with a lawyer, local authority or accountant to get more information about the regulations, restrictions and obligations that may apply to your business.


Guides are responsible for the care and safety of their guests and must have clear protocols in the event of an emergency. You may also offer the following safety recommendations to travelers.

Emergency contact info

We recommend having a list with the following phone numbers available to your team and guests:

Risk prevention