In Staff groups members of the organization can see the good in each other. This is a safe place to learn how to use character strengths while giving positive feedback to your colleagues.

Here’s a few examples of what can be done in staff groups:

Staff group is a special group where staff memebers can See the Good in eachother.

Group is secure, because all the members are teachers or other adults.

Staff group is a PRO feature only. If you got interested to hear more, contact our team Read more about it

We will share examples what you can do inside the Staff group.

1. See the Good at the whole Staff level

Give positive feedback to the whole Staff. The those good moments visible, what happens in your school community. These moments are visible to the whole staff.

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Give individual positive feedback to colleagues using character strengths. Only visible to the receiver and to the one giving feedback.

2. Give individual feedback to your colleague.

Give positive feedback directly to your colleague. All the successess, moments of strengths usages, let you appreciation show. This feedback is saved to his/her individual portfolio.

Read more from this step-by-step-guide: