A Solver is a decentralized app (Ethereum smart contract and UI) derived from our core tech that comes pre-loaded with tools to handle escrow, management and arbitration to support its unique features.


Freelancers, like artists and developers, can configure and share personal Solver Templates to find inbound work. When they receive a commission, their Solver(s) can manage the entire lifecycle of the job including submission, review, payments, refunds, and even arbitration of disputes.


Digital and decentralized organizations can use Solvers in the same way, or use them internally to allocate resources for their own teams and initiatives.

The configuration of a Solver Template is immutable and perfect for use as the subject of DAO governance proposals.



Solvers are naturally interoperable and can be linked together to create robust solutions for labor and service agreements. For example, one solution may use different Solvers to hire a developer, receive and review work, and submit the work for a security audit.