What giant payments industry is stuck in a world of cash, checks & CSV files being sent back and forth, has no real-time capabilities, hardly any targeting and has been generally overlooked by the main industry players? Answer: The $20 Trillion payout industry .

WeGift’s solution is simple. We’ve built a real-time, transparent platform to issue any form of payout and transform an entire industry that is stuck in the dark ages. WeGift is changing how value flows across the global economy, and can be applied to a dizzying array of use cases from cash disbursements, to employee rewards and incentive marketing campaigns.

It’s a messy, fragmented industry with broken processes, prone to errors and leakage, aged technology stacks and plenty of misalignment and distrust between the players. WeGift is revolutionizing an entire industry with it’s API-first platform and ****real time capabilities that hits on key business needs of the industry while flipping the economics, from fees to giving businesses net savings. In just 3 years, we've built a world leading branded currency platform, signing up 800 brands in 30 countries, processing hundreds of millions in annualized sales, and still growing growing fast.

Market: A **$20 Trillion Market** where **Organisations** send Payouts **to individuals.**

Problem: **Organisations** typically payout using cheques, ACH, & prepaid cards, which are **slow**, expensive, **complex** & a **poor consumer experience.**

Payout Examples: Cash Refunds, Employee Rewards and Incentive Marketing campaigns.

Solution: An API that can instantly send digital value, to anyone, anywhere which can be spent with **any merchant** on the WG network.

Why?: Instant, accountless, programmable, data rich, high impact, with net savings up to 25%

In the end: game is to build a **next-generation payment network**, where WeGift can route, accept and settle any digital asset as payment with any merchant, anywhere, transforming how we send and spend value forever.