Gumroad exists to help creators get paid for their work. Our north star is maximizing how much money they earn, which aligns with how much revenue we do. With the line between employees, investors, and customers blurring...We should all get successful together.

To do that, we need to:

This document makes sure everyone is on the same page, when there are disagreements around approach to getting work done.

Note: Generally, I’m quite inspired by Amazon's approach, which you can read about online or in the book Working Backwards.

Highly competent

Judged by the work

Our creators don't care about us. They care about the product, content, and community we happen to provide.

That means a few things:

Seek superlinearities

We have a fixed number of hours, and an unlimited amount of creator income to actualize. Everything we do should contribute to our creators' bottom lines in a measurable and scalable way.

Every day you are producing superlinear returns on your time investment.

It should be considered a failure if you can't look back one month and see what is significantly different about your output.