Cyber crimes are at an all moment high and hackers are figure out new and innovative ways to breach protection defenses and mess with your personal data. Not only do you need a robust antivirus solution for your PC or laptop, you also need to equip your Smartphone with the same kind of technology considering just how many activities we carry out during these little window to the world of the web.

To hedge these stakes, AVG antivirus activates brings forth a suite of mobile security features which you can activate by visiting the website get the installation key code for download. Offering a number of varying packages with different features and elements each, ranging from free to paid tiers, AVG Antivirus caters to a wide variety of clientele. The new AVG activate Mobile Security equips your Smartphone with all the features and tools you need to keep your browsing and surfing experience as safe as possible. The premium version of AVG Antivirus which can be downloaded from is priced at $29.99 per year while the Pro version is priced at $79.99 as it covers infinite devices and all major browsers (Opera, Firefox, Safari etc.).

To activate your subscription to AVG Antivirus, all you need to do is go to and enter in your product key. Once you do this, you can expect to experience the following perks of AVG activate Mobile Security:


AVG’s interface interactions are seamless, allowing the user to monitor additional smart devices, like smart watches, on your phone. Once you have activated at find the key code for download. You can activate it on any device you choose to register.


It monitors applications by decisive privacy ratings and scans safe Wi-Fi connections for your phone. Moreover, through App Lock, individual apps can be secured as needed.


AVG combines storage cleaning, memory optimization, and ideal battery life, to reconfigure your installed data and apps and maximize utility.

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All of your mobile data can be backed up to a cloud storage that can then be accessed through a host of devices. In case of a remote wipe, the backing will automatically take put to update data on the app servers.


The $79.99 per year version of Protection features a VPN service built-in to streamline services all through one app.


Through its Safe Browsing method, every link you get on on is monitored in real time to ensure the webpage does not cause any phishing threat.

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