1. Driven mentality

I’ve always held a part-time job or project since I was in university. I firmly believe learning does not end after formal education or at the end of  your day job. Whether it was giving out flyers, strawberry smoothies, or working for start-ups, VCs, on my own projects, I’ve always worked part-time since I was in college. An example:

  1. Network

I grew up for half of my life in Europe and have worked for two Silicon Valley tech companies. In the Bay Area, I have worked at LinkedIn and currently at Upwork (recently went public in late 2018 and seeing tenured employees leave recently). I am also part of communities with explicit interests in building something new and deepening knowledge in growing companies (Reforge and On Deck). From my time in Europe, I can contribute my network at LinkedIn’s European HQ and my undergraduate and graduate schools (London School of Economics and Warwick Business School).

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