The job at gave me experience in working on a complex multifunctional system. It was a redefining of a CRM system created for webmasters within a product affiliate program. Was created a product team consisting of three designers, two product managers, and some accountants and programmers. We managed the project using weekly scrum sprints. The plan was to release a beta version of our app for selected arbitration teams and test the system in practice.

We collected the best practices of our competitors, rewrote all architecture, created a design system from scratch, and even made a small brand book and guidelines for social media posts.

SaaS Components (2019)

The project was faced business challenges that resulted in staff reduction, and personnel actions turned everything we had been working on for months upside down. The product was decimated and locked in Purgatory for months.

And the second thing I did here was redesigning an e-commerce website.

E-Commerce Website Redesign (2019)