Graphic designer in 2020 is a very demanding job both in a way of experience and tools technique. Being a graphic designer nowadays requires knowing a lot of information from various spheres: marketing, product management, sometimes web design, and project management. Spheres of business such as corporate ones, start-ups, and SMEs all need a qualified and dedicated design team.

From time to time new tools are flooding the market, and not to get lost in them we'd like to introduce to you the essential instruments for a graphic designer.

Must-Know Tools For a Graphic Designer

Here is our first block on the tools that each designer has to deal with, In the list, there are proven with time and reviews most commonly used graphic design tools.

Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop

We know you've heard a lot about them, it's true, they are the most commonly used and sophisticated ones on the market. If you want to start learning design from these, there are plenty of free and cool tutorial online:

Also, if you want to learn more about the platforms where you'll find nice free online courses, read the article here.

Designer Review on Adobe Photoshop

"I am old-school and been working in Photoshop for the past 15 years." But recently he switched the tools, learn more why in the full version of George Kvasnikov here.


Here is the thing – 2020 year has been tough for the designers, who work in a team, freelancers, and many more. We would like to mention Krita, which allows online design collaboration in a team, makes in a nice and pleasant experience. It's a professional and open-source free program, where you can create

If you like the platform a lot, you also can donate any sum of money. In support of the free project and designers.

Designer Review on Krita

"Great course to start with Krita from scratch and learn the basic concepts about the amazing software." - shares his experience Josep.