As a preface to this piece which I felt called by the heavens to write, I pose this.

Which life path would you choose if you were being courageous?

Happy 34th Birthday brother, I hope you enjoy this meta story.

There was once this guy named Rob. Rob had this grand vision for a magical future, but Rob was only an imaginary friend to a great man named Adam. The crazy thing, is that Adam has a life story bigger than Rob, he has the ability to push hundreds of real life versions of Rob’s to actionize on their potential.

There exist many potential Rob’s in the world, and many of these Robs have a real capability to take the seed of a fraternal order and expand it into a vast enterprise that continues to send butterfly effects into the world. Many Rob replicas are amazing at having the vision, but because of the stats that lets them and motivates them to see into the vital future humanity needs. Adam happened to have the perfect skill set, that helped the Rob’s of the world find their purpose, sell their vision, and shape together some of the greatest fraternal orders in existence.

A fraternal order after all, is simply a group of people who have bought into a culture. These orders exist as small pieces of culture and every single piece of new culture has the chance to spread and become bigger than the existing mainstream culture. Every existing culture undeniably adds to the global pool of ideas and concepts of culture that exists to create it. Right now, the internet provides an unparalleled advantage in spreading new cultures and them becoming mainstream. As our modern culture currently is not being propagated, and has no strong sentiment, the capability for a new strong sentiment to emerge is ripe.

As Eric of Praxis notices, the AXIAL AGE is upon us.

Often these communities simply have a bottleneck of good quality content to share.

I mean the sharing of it by those entrenched and embodying the culture is a given. Every new person a beacon of the spirit and culture, sharing it with the world and spreading the vibes.