I’m a Master of User Experience Design graduate, with a background in teaching and patisserie, seeking to transition into a product design role.

I specialise in UX/UI design. I have a particular interest in design systems. I am very much a people person, a good listener and a great communicator. I thrive in working with a team, where I love to collaborate and share a laugh.

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Industry Projects

🚙 Product Designer - Mevo

Mar - June 2021 | Wellington, New Zealand

Mevo is a Wellington-based startup company that offers an on-demand car-sharing service 24/7. I worked with a team of four to design an onboarding process that educates the user to operate the Mevo vehicle fleet with confidence. I was responsible for user research and user testing, data analysing, ideation workshop facilitating, information design and product design. I collaborated efficiently with team members and communicated well with stakeholders.

🏥 UX Designer | Project Manager - The Clinician

Dec 2020 - Feb 2021 | Auckland, New Zealand

The Clinician is an innovative digital health company that helps healthcare organisations collect, analyse and act on the outcomes that matter most to patients. My team took an empathetic approach and came up with a physical solution to address the needs of users with low digital literacy. My role was the UX designer and project manager. I had a good experience of managing the team and making sure everyone has a balanced workload while meeting deadlines and client's expectations.

Work Experience 👩‍🍳 + 👩‍🏫 → 👩‍💻

Café Supervisor | Digital Designer - Crocshake

Mar 2021 - Present | Wellington, New Zealand

Design and improve digital content for the company's website. Create Logo, label, and menu design. Lead and manage a team of three on Fridays and weekends and I'm in charge of the daily operation and production of the café.

Pastry Chef - Hippopotamus Restaurant & La Cloche Café & Grace Patisserie

Nov 2015 - Jun 2020 | Wellington, New Zealand

Responsible for decision-making and helping team members. Designing innovative desserts that reflect the trend of customer’s tastes, considering seasonality of ingredients and practicality. Support the team and provide high-standard service to increase customer satisfaction.