Who We Are

WellTheory is a remote, seed-stage startup on a mission to reverse the autoimmune epidemic backed by some of the top investors in consumer and healthcare. To do that, we are combining food as medicine, community care, and personalized insights from health data to build a membership experience that supports women no matter where they are in their autoimmune journey.

Autoimmune conditions cost the US healthcare system $100b each year, and they disproportionately affect women. Since chronic disease is 80% lifestyle-driven, there is a huge healing impact of food, movement, stress management, and sleep on autoimmune conditions.

About the Role

WellTheory is looking for Marketing Lead to oversee our creative team.

You might enjoy working with us if you:

  1. Are multi-faceted, and love working on a variety of different projects throughout the week.
  2. Have a willingness to step in and try something you’ve never done before, or experiment with something that’s innovative without being afraid of failure!
  3. Thrive by working remotely and setting your own schedule. We don't micro-manage and care more about your output and quality of work than being online during set time windows.
  4. Are motivated to help reverse the global autoimmune epidemic and help people live healthier lives. If you're interested in health, wellness, nutrition, and mental health, you'll enjoy helping build our content and brand voice.
  5. Are excited to learn from our team's experiences (Oscar Health, Dropbox, Deloitte Innovation, health coaching, starting a summer camp) and are open to sharing your experiences, too.

You might not enjoy working with us if you:

  1. Like working in a more established, structured environment.
  2. Don't like working with ambiguity — since we're an early-stage startup, projects and priorities shift.
  3. Like your projects to be well-defined from the get-go. We'll be looking to you to bring your own perspective to help us do the right things and flag if you think we should do things differently. You will have the opportunity to bring creativity and ownership to your projects.
  4. Prefer working only in person. We are a remote-first company and communicate virtually via Zoom and Slack.


You'll work with our Head of Growth and our Marketing Team to bring our creative campaigns to life. As a direct-to-consumer brand, we’re looking for ways to stand out from our competitors and capture as high a percentage of the autoimmune market as possible. Some responsibilities include: