Our strategy is addressing the foundations of wellness, not targeting crisis management. Prevention is more impactful and comes with many perks that drive us closer to achieving our mission.

We approach well-being from various aspects which integrate and work together.

🏢 Offices

Our office in Paris is centrally located, very well-equipped, luminous and branded, fostering Guardians’ well-being!


🙌🏽  Engagement

Because we believe that highly engaged employees drive great performance across the company by working to improve customer experience, approaching their work with energy and coming up with creative and innovative ideas, we launch regular anonymous surveys to ask our employees about their engagement at Gitguardian.

The data we collect allows us to identify where we need to act by designing action plans, each quarter, to effectively improve employees' day-to-day work life & engagement.

🍺 Socials

We invest in a great social budget which introduces many new activities to people but most importantly strengthens relationships within or across teams so people work better together.

Because we are growing fast and we want to develop our GitGuardian spirit and cohesion, we organize cross-team events every month, allowing Guardians to gather outside of work for memorable moments ! We also invite newly hired Guardians, who have not yet been onboarded, to join us so they can be welcomed and first meet the team informally in fun settings 🥳

Team Building à la carte

Also, to encourage team & cross-team interactions, we propose quarterly Team Building Rituals Budget per employee, so that each Guardian can register to team-initiated activities aimed at mixing work & fun, learning, and creating bridges across multiple teams.


⛹🏽‍♀️ We are sports enthusiasts

Many Guardians are sport addicts.

Our team loves to workout together. There are often different types of workouts happening weekly from core strength, running, tennis, climbing and more. These are advertised on Slack.

Because Guardians love to run, exercise together on lunch breaks, or come to the office with their bike, we have a shower in our office & bike parking facilities.