written by Joshua Glass | 13 April 2020

Our first meeting ended with one call - that everyone present invites one or two more people to expand our Congregation. The criteria set to make this invitation was mostly based on trust - that we trusted our guests lived with similar values, and we trusted our guests would bring inspiration and a sense of commitment to our group.

Thus, our second meeting happened with a similar tone to the first one - welcoming members ! This meeting took place in the peak of Corona crisis, and therefore we meet via Zoom.

What: The 2nd Meeting to orient the Maastricht Microsolidarity Congregation. What is the vision for this group of people? How can we use Microsolidarity to move into this vision? Get to know what our congregation-mates are doing and aspiring towards.

Who: 8 of 9 participants from the 1st Meeting (March 08) plus 6 new participants who were invited in by the first circle. Joshua Glass and Beatriz Fonseca provided facilitation as participants of the congregation with the support of Ria Baeck and Simon Grant (technical host).

Where: Zoom

This page contains some of the raw notes and other content from the day itself:

The day looked like this:

Notes and other Content