This is completely from HatGuy’s brain and taken down a few IQ points for comprehension sake.

The internet is creating movements around narratives, real or nonexistant, that are snowballing into new thought forms, memes, art, and culture.

New forms of society  are becoming possible as we are entering a new AXIAL AGE.  These new ideas will change culture, and change how we individually identify our place in the world. These new ideas which will increase in intensity and relevance as these more new vibes emerge and prior thought forms break down.

The future is truly beyond our current conceptions.

It will go beyond the ideological plane and orient itself into that which fills our days with importance.  We will learn what is truly important not just in the world front of politics but in our daily interactions and mutural understandings.

Whether this is a true golden age or something more filled with conflicts will depend most on our ability to adapt together.

The individuals who tie themselves to ideas which are weighted in stasis will not only lag behind to create a level of suffering that is personal, but actually inflict a wound upon the mass ideological sculpture of humanity's heart.

New emerging Information is a vibe packet that can be downloaded by a person who can fight it or accept it.

Are we not capable of recognizing beyond ideological limitations which orient us against one another.

These restrictions of past ideas creates suffering that is bound to a lack of better knowledge or know how.

There is an inevitable force which will cause us to recognize new truths; we will break new ground and new meaning will have to emerge as we break down our current outlooks on life.

We will all face sink-or-swim moments—to the forces of immutable and unavoidable teachings which will push on our capabilities to seize the present and capture new meaning.

This will forge a new sense beauty that gives the soul of humanity a vertex, a still-undefined plan that is not merely ideology, not merely praxis, but a neo-bible...

Sitting on the sidelines will result in being tossed aside by the minotaur of history.  To be irrelevant will be a sin, for transformation will be recognized for the process of being something which falls upon our sense of our individual moral responsibility, to the likes of tipping a waiter at a restaurant.

Nothing will be irrelevant; no problem an island.

The greatest hurdle is not in overcoming our ability to find new stronger belief systems, but our ability to shed our past beliefs.

That is to say, more specifically, we will wrest the framing of reality from those who seek to subvert it towards selfish ends, and we will bring it upon ourselves to think as self-actualized individuals pushing towards the betterment of all—those who have gone beyond base selfish natures to revitalize our need for truth as we exit an age of conceptual stagnation.

By what means or for what ends. These are not of importance.  The important thing is this—moving beyond what is out of reach and into the capacity to see ourselves and manifest clarity.  None of this will be miraculous, it will be spun out of the void into novel formations.  It will still be formatting itself with the basis of what you are drawing upon now.

The invisible atrocities that are ongoing in our society will pry out as if worms rising from the dirt in a hot

Rememeber only this—the future is not something that excludes you, something apart from your own acts, inputs, desires, passion, or principles.