Join our community and be part of Eve's journey to building the first world’s first wealth DAO.

The destination for web3 personal finance with a feminine-lens.

What is Eve Wealth?

We're a community of womxn investors - executives, entrepreneurs, engineers, and other powerful enigmas.

Together, we are disrupting investment management by pooling our portfolios and owning our data to drive strategies, investment opportunities, and networks that work for us and create financial freedom

Learn more about our guiding principles and community on our discord.

What are our goals?

  1. Access

    Building the new financial world must include womxn and diverse perspectives. Eve becomes the destination for web3 & top deal flow to get more womxn on cap tables.

  2. Collaboration

    Being a DAO means we attract the top experts in the world to guide members on the asset classes we care about - crypto, real estate, equities, private funds, venture and impact. It also means members have the incentive to share their anonymous investment portfolios that makes up our library of portfolio strategies, insights, and opportunities. We come together to build portfolio strategies that lead to financial freedom & legacy building.

  3. Connection

    Members connect in a way that recognizes wealth isn't just about money but an abundance of time, energy, and money. We don't just invest together, but we also travel, socialize, and co-create.

Wealthy Womxn

Remember, wealth isn't just about money.

At Eve, wealth is life force.

Wealth is the freedom to build things in the world and leave a legacy.

To be wealthy is to have a supportive community of people who care about you, to be healthy and happy, to be present and free.