— Written by ExplorerAaronnn and jvshxi

🤖 Bots 2.0

We're excited to announce the launch of Koal's Custom Bots 2.0.

Since we started Koal almost 2 years ago, our goal has been to make the most advanced Discord Bot features available in with custom branding, in an affordable fashion. We're proud to say that after 8 months of work on Bots 2.0, including building our new website to support the complex features we've built, Bots 2.0 is heading to general availability.

In order to support these outstanding features, never seen before by our competitors, we built Bots 2.0 from the ground up using Typescript and bare Discord primitives. Our Bot Hypervisor, command handler and more were hand-crafted to support our custom platform. And we're excited for you all to see it.

💡New Features

Thank you all for your support over these 2 years, and over these last 8 months as we've completely rebuilt Bots. Every day all of us sit back and are constantly grateful for how big Koal has grown, and here's to growing even bigger!

From all of us at Koal 🥂