Anons and MemeLords of the world Unite!

Wanna become a Legendary Memer and meme your way into history and earn a salary for it? Well, you may open the door and walk-in. And the best news is that you get to have fun and without selling your soul to the devil, as we call him here, Moloch.

Come have fun and make memes with MMM and Moonshot Collective, and be early beta testers of MC's Season Zero projects and tools.

Memepalooza is a unique social coordination event, where MemeLords, both the legendary and aspiring  ones unite to generate The Memes! Memes that will shape our culture and our future. Memes that will influence the narratives and coordinate us to our Walhalla - The SolarPunk!

Participants will have a chance to receive part of a 100GTC rewards pool and more surprises.

Memes matter, Anon! And if you haven’t understood that, you still can. Here at GitcoinDAO and Moonshot Collective we understood that early. Being the DAO of innovators and drivers of the public goods movement, we are dedicated to raising awareness of public goods. This event offers our community a chance to learn and be a part of our mission.

We'll be making 'It's all Coordination' memes as well as shirt mock-ups, along with all our other active meme themes.

The event will take place in #memes but you can also come to talk with us on the #memepalooza channel.

Starting with the opening ceremony in the #memepalooza channel (6 PM UTC/2 PM ET ), where we will also do the closing ceremony (9 PM UTC/ 5 PM ET).

It's going to be pretty loose - we just want to make lots of memes (maybe even some with added spice? But not too much spice, very professional meme lords here)

This isn't a contest, it's a collaboration - the memes we create will be used to coordinate across MMM, MC, the entire Gitcoin DAO, social media, and the World!

Psss the best memes will be published for the public in MEME's Museum

Give us a feedback by completing the survey, takes 1 min 😇