Thank you for finishing our tutorial island. You're now equipped with the tools to succeed on your epic adventure. Your journey is just beginning!

Master what you've learned so far by using your dashboard for 1 week, and try to hit level 10. Think of it like slaying slimes around the city borders - nice and easy.

This is the end of the tutorial for the public, free version of #theGamificationProject, but only the beginning of your growth journey with our family.

🙏 Special thanks to Rachel, John, Shania, Elisa, Nadine, and Christiaan for co-creating with us.

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<aside> <img src="" alt="" width="40px" /> This project was only made possible thanks to our wonderful supporters. Thanks to their ongoing support, we've created an enhanced version with badges, pets, party members, loot boxes, dashboards, and more!

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