Welcome to Computational Form, I’m looking forward to meeting you all (and seeing some of you again). I want us to hit the ground running, so I'm asking you to do a few things to prepare.



Please read this email fully and do everything listed here before the first class to be fully prepared.

  1. The general course website and textbook is http://compform.net

    This site evolved from my Computational Form lecture notes over the years. Feel free to poke around to see what kinds of things we'll be talking about.

  2. The section-specific website is here on notion.

    This site hosts the section-specific calendar, syllabus, assignments, and daily agendas. We will also use Notion for collaborative note-taking during class meetings.

    → Please visit the class notion main page now to make sure you have read access.

    → Then visit the test page to make sure you can edit too.

  3. We will share our work on the class sketch site.

    This is a custom-built site we will use for sharing the sketches you make this semester. I designed and built it with a Comp From alumna specifically for the needs of this class. You can see what students made last semester here.

    → Please create an account on the class sketch site using your New School email address.

    → Please upload a profile picture and add a little description. If you have a portfolio site, consider adding a link to your description.

If access to any of these resources is blocked for you, let me know. Also, if access is blocked by a firewall try using the New School’s Apps Anywhere service (apps.newschool.edu) and let me know if that's helpful or not.


The Syllabus is on the class website.

→ Read the Syllabus

→ Then add a question related to the syllabus to the Class Notion > Week 1 > Syllabus Questions

These will count toward your “participation” grade! This can be an easy A or an easy 0 to kick off your semester.


→ Read the class introduction page.

→ Then add a question related to the introduction to the Class Notion > Week 1 > Introduction Questions.


This is optional, but fun! Get a set of polyhedral dice. You can find single sets for ~$5 or buy several sets for ~$10. You can never have too many dice!

If you can’t get a physical set, there are places you can roll online.