„Know the tools for the successful start of your own startup“

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The Weekend Venture is our main workshop format. Like the name already says, you will be guided through a weekend workshop, where you will create your own little venture.

You will start off by identifying existing problems and finding possible solutions for them. Afterwards, you will try to create a business model around your idea, validate it and build a small prototype. Last but not least, you will pitch your idea.

Sounds ambitious for only a weekend? You will be surprised at what is possible in only a weekend.

More Information on our website:

weekend venture | PionierGarage

The workshop material can be found here:

Gründermagnet Entrepreneur Academy

Why should you participate?

  1. Overview of a lot of relevant topics
  2. Practical experience
  3. Learn about tools
  4. Gain feedback

When and Where?

It is currently planed to conduct two of these workshops in the current winter semester. The first one will be from 26.11-28.11 in our Launchpad.


Anyone can participate, no matter if you are part of the PionierGarage or not. Also, suppose you already have an idea. In that case, you can still participate since it is good to go back to the basics and look at the characteristics of the problem you want to solve once in a while. And maybe you might even find a better way to solve the problem, who knows 😉

Any Questions?