Development Journal

Monday 31st January

Beginning the Semester with a team meeting (Kiera Walton and Emilia Poyiadgi). All of my meeting notes for this semester will be detailed under the tab Meeting Notes.


TAKEAWAY: We know that we are dropping the supportive application from the project scope and together we will go over it further and make more refinements.

Semester two kicked off with a Branding lecture hosted by Derek Yates, course leader at Ravensbourne university, co-author of ‘Communication Design, Insights from the Creative Industries’, and an expert in communication and work based learning.

In this lecture we learned how to successfully and appropriately create a brand identity that reflected our personal and team goals as well as set the tone for our product/game. After looking through examples of successful brands and their marketing strategies, we were tasked to identify how our brans looks, speak and acts. This lecture was incredibly useful in learning more about brand identity and how to kickstart our own brand creation and marketing strategies.

Detailed notes for this lecture can be found here: Branding Lecture And this week I will be setting out to plan our teams Presskit and Branding Toolkit.