Midterm 2 Review

Week 9.5: October 26 - October 28





Video Walkthroughs:

Problem 1 - On Wednesdays We Wear Red & Black

Problem 2 - Asymptotics

Problem 3 - Hashing

Problem 4 - Heaps (PQ Design)

Problem 5 - KD Trees


Our Midterm 2 Review Session will be held on Tuesday, October 27th from 5-8PM PT!

Zoom: https://berkeley.zoom.us/j/97391125464

The topics covered will include: Iterators Disjoint Sets Asymptotics BSTs B-Trees LLRB Trees KD Trees Hashing Heaps Tree Traversals

We will be taking live questions at the following link: https://app.sli.do/event/yfbh11hl


This worksheet offers a variety of problem types to help get you ready for Midterm 2. We have created walkthrough videos (above) for each problem.

SP20 Mock Midterm

For additional practice, you could try out our Mock Midterm 2 from last semester. The Hashing and Asymptotics questions on this week's worksheet are the same on the Mock Midterm, but the Mock Midterm features a couple of other problems for you to practice with.

We have walkthrough videos for all of the Mock Midterm questions as well.

Note: Question 5 on Game Trees is not in scope for this semester.

SP20 Mock Midterm SP20 Mock Midterm Solutions SP20 Mock Midterm Walkthrough Videos