Visualize my exhibition idea in cinema 4D

I'm still experimenting with the visualization of the Noctiluca when it is awake (during the night). It is hard to catch the light with a camera in the dark. Next step is to try it with a magnifying glass and perhaps renting a camera with an extreme ISO.

The visualization I want to project on an aquarium and experiment with reflection of the (sea)water in the aquarium. In this way I give the light of the Noctiluca back to the sea water (in the aquarium). I'll let the aquarium vibrate/move and the sound that comes out of the aquarium will be send back to the speakers on which the Noctiluca vibrates and which gives the visuals that come back in the aquarium then.

An extra thing I might add to this circuit is a light sensor that makes the aquarium move/vibrate..?c

Experimenting with change sounds in ableton (find the right vibration)

inspiration for the aquarium