By Mary Pulgar

This class was lectured by Eyal, who introduces us to the amazing liquid-handler robot Opentrons OT-2 (OT-2). This works with 96-wells plates and uses the basics of the Python programming language.

I plan to operate the OpenTrons remotely to draw "YT", which stands for Yachay Tech, from the name of the University I come from.

So, my code is as follows:

Well, I expected that this looks like this:

I sent it to Eyal, BUT we didn't notice that I mistakenly confused the name of the rows with the columns ones, so I obtained this FAIL 😢:

As you can see, it is rotated 90° and it is incomplete 💔. I screwed up 🤦🏻‍♀️ But this is the beautiful OT-2 working in my failed attempt:

So, I quickly fixed my code and this is the good one:

and I obtained what I initially wanted:

I loved it!!!

And there is the OT-2 working on it 🤖: