Watch SailPlan’s webinar about how to access funding streams to measure and reduce emissions at ports.

SailPlan hosted a webinar with PortVision50 and Holland & Knight about measuring and reducing port emissions. Our organizations are experts in maritime regulations, emissions measurement and reduction technology, and federal funding streams that support ports. The webinar explained SailPlan’s technology available to measure and reduce emissions in real-time while covering available funding streams and the federal landscape for implementing these policies with federal dollars.

If you’re interested in learning more about SailPlan’s technology or have questions about how to access federal funding, please contact

SailPlan Measuring and Reducing Emissions at Ports Webinar.mp4



About our organizations:

SailPlan provides intelligent, sensor-based infrastructure that allows sensors to collect and report real-time emissions data to inform and optimize everyday operations and performance for marine transportation and infrastructure. More specifically, SailPlan is a platform for real-time, high-resolution emissions and air-quality data monitoring designed specifically for ports, terminals, and vessel operators.

PortVision50 is dedicated to empowering the maritime industry in order to ensure seamless onboarding of the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) regulations aimed at reducing GHG emissions across the shipping industry.

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