Webaverse is an open source project to manifest the best version of the Metaverse. One which meets users where they are, requires no installs, and supports self expression to the max. We want to make the web fun again while enabling users to take back control of their data.

We are looking for the smartest engineers in game-dev, web3 product design, and crypto to join us.

The vision

"We're not always going to think of these websites as flat pages on screens."

Sometime this decade a good pair of glasses will come out and forever change computing as we know it. The future is spatial, but it risks being owned by a small handful of companies.

We want the future successor to the Internet and sum of all virtual worlds to evolve more like the web and less like an app store. Hence the name Webaverse.

We aim to build something that's fun to use first. The business plan is to collaborate with awesome artists to combine the best parts the community likes about video games + the web into unique digital assets (NFTs) that we release periodically every season.

You'll be able to inspect anything in the world to see things like who made it and who owns it.


The Metaverse is described as the successor to the Internet, sum of all virtual worlds. What's missing are the roadways between these virtual worlds to connect with each other.

Read: The Virtual Silk Road

Whitepaper: https://github.com/webaverse/whitepaper/blob/master/whitepaper.pdf

Open Positions


All engineering positions are pretty much generalists, don't get caught up in labels.

Senior Full-Stack Engineer (WebGL)

Senior Frontend Engineer (ReactJS)

Infrastructure Engineer