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This starter pack is for those new to crypto.

At CCS we’re creating a space for people who care about the broader societal and cultural impacts of web3 and we challenge our members to ask the “so what?” questions about crypto. But before you can meaningfully engage in deeper conversations, it’s helpful to know the basics of web3 and the parts that make it up like DAOs, NFTs and DeFi.

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How to navigate this doc? 🗺️

This starter pack is split into 4 crypto concepts (web3, DAOs, NFTs & DeFi). Feel free to devour them in any order, but we recommend starting with web3.

For each concept we provide:

  1. The ABCs This is our suggested reading. If you only have time for one, this would be it!
  2. Pretty Good Alternative The ABCs didn’t cut it for you? We have 1-2 alternatives that you might like better.
  3. Just a Little Bit More Non-essential, but fun to get into if you have time! ⚠️ WARNING⚠️  Clicking on any of these might lead you down the rabbit hole 🐇 🕳️
  4. Other Media This label might be boring, but the selected links are not! 😉 These are for those who prefer learning through videos or audio over text.

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<aside> 🙏 Special thanks to @ananth, @xian & @wenda for their contribution to this starter pack. And a special S/O to Tasha for the amazing cover art!