We're looking for talented web engineers with React.js experience to join Dwarves and work remotely, on super exciting products.

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Dwarves is research-focused technology firm

Since 2015, we have helped companies build & ship top-notch software, operate tech teams and invest in ambitious people who are after world's next big things.

Technology is our north star metrics, engineering is our culture. We are a profitable company since day 1 and have been growing steadily.

By October, we have already achieved our goals set for 2021. Moving to the next goals, we're looking for talented engineers to join our team.

Life at Dwarves

Culture Handbook

The Manifesto

Products we recently take part in


Singapore-based SaaS platform recently raised US$6.5M in its seed round.


Malaysia's biggest used goods marketplace for millions of users.


Malaysia's first pay, pump-go super app available at over 700 gas stations.

Our advances into web 3.0


Netherland's referral protocol for crypto assets where anyone can sign up to promote.


Cyber Nekos —programmatically generated, deadly cute collectibles built on Fantom blockchain.


A play-to-earn platform combining DeFi & NFT.

<aside> 🤝 As an engineer at Dwarves, you will be working closely with a team of talented, kind people and working directly with our clients. There is a lot of freedom to contribute to the quality of the project and improve, or prove yourself.


What you'll get to do