About the Black Music History Library 💭

The Black Music History Library is a digital collection dedicated to the Black origins of traditional and popular music. It contains thousands of entries in the form of books, articles, documentaries, series, radio segments, podcasts and more ranging from informal to scholarly. BMHL's mission is to make these resources as comprehensive and accessible as possible, all while highlighting the work of Black artists as foundational to music history at large.

What we're looking for 👀

The Black Music History Library is seeking a talented freelance web designer/developer to assist with multiple projects on our website. These include some bug fixes for our responsive web design and creating custom search functionality for the site.

Qualifications 🏆

How to Apply 📝

Does this role sound like a good fit? Email us at [blackmusichistorylibrary@gmail.com](mailto:blackmusichistorylibrary@gmail.com?subject=Application%20for%20Freelance%20Web%20Designer).