<aside> 💡 **WeatherWalls is now on RoutineHub!**


WeatherWalls is an iOS Shortcut created by /u/apoch8000. The shortcut takes the current weather conditions on your location and sets an according wallpaper on your device.


The shortcut was initially created for personal use but blew up after demonstrating it on the subreddit /r/Shortcuts . I decided to 'release' the shortcut so everyone could enjoy it. This was version 1.x you will find below but it is no longer recommended to use this version. Any info on this version can be found this Reddit post.

As there is a lot of interest in the shortcut, some people who lack the knowledge about Shortcuts, can't manage to get it working on their device. This is the main reason why I made this page, to help those people and to show the the capabilities of Shortcuts.

<aside> 💡 If you follow this guide precisely, WeatherWalls will work like a charm on your device.


1. Requirements

Allow 'Untrusted Shortcuts' on your device by going to Settings → Shortcuts.

The shortcut is only working on iPhone models running iOS 14.3 or higher as the 'Set Wallpaper' action was (re)introduced in this version.

2. Run the installer

The installer shortcut downloads and places all images in the correct folder to make the actual shortcut work properly.

On your iPhone, click on the link below for the installer shortcut. Run it to download and extract all files. Once completed, you can delete the installer shortcut again.

Always use the same installer version as the WeatherWalls version (e.g. WeatherWalls version 2.2 needs installer version 2.2).

<aside> 💡 Installer (Version 2.3) - UPDATED on 31 Jan. 2021


Due to popularity and increased download traffic, Dropbox declined hosting the files any longer. The installer above is updated to download the files from GitHub now.

3. Get WeatherWalls Shortcut

Click on the link below to get the latest WeatherWalls Shortcut.