Add a Location

Tap on the location label at the top of the screen to search for a new location. The list will keep track of latest locations for easy access.

Read the Hourly Forecast


Change the Weather Source

Open the Weather app, tap the Menu button in the top right, and select "Source". Then select a source from the list.

Weather currently supports the following data sources:

Choosing the Best Weather Source


Weather can be difficult to forecast. We use the best data sources for Weather, but the accuracy of a particular source can vary based on your region. When using the app, if you find that sometimes the weather prediction is incorrect, we recommend you try another weather source to see if it is more accurate for your region.

Weather source differences

Every weather source presents different data. As such, there may be minor differences between the weather data a source provides. Some of the weather values are not available across all of the current, hourly and daily forecasts. Choose a source that provides the data important to you.