But what does the 'pharmacy of the future' look like?

We're not an online pharmacy or (yet another!) app – we provide technology-enabled services that put the patient first, helping them manage their medicines with confidence.

In fact, to us, the pharmacy of the future is rather like the pharmacy of yesteryear, providing care that's informative and tailored to each individual. Healthcare that's personal.

Aah, the good old days!

Aah, the good old days!

Ok, but what are we actually doing?

We're developing digital and data tools (all focused around medicines) that

<aside> πŸ“’ inform and engage patients


<aside> πŸŒ€ join up support networks


<aside> ☎️ enable carers & clinicians to provide better care remotely


We’re starting off with the most vulnerable & elderly in our society. Our assistive technology supports patients to manage their medicines independently, with reassurance that help is always on hand.

It's an exciting project we just recently won funding for from Innovate UK.

Our team leads

We've been a diverse bunch from day 1 – we come from all parts of the world and all walks of life and we're keen to keep it that way.

What brings us all together is our 'patient-first' mindset in everything we do.


Issa CEO LinkedIn

Service Delivery Lead

Rachel Service Delivery Lead LinkedIn

Product Lead

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Tech Lead

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Why we do what we do?

We already know that up to 50% of patients struggle to take their medicines – patients are not well-supported and too often it remains a hidden problem until it's too late.

We want to change that: empowering patients and, at the same time, using data-driven insights to enable clinicians and carers to provide better support in real-time.


Open positions

<aside> 🎁 Referrals: know someone who shares our patient-first mindset and would be a good fit? Please get in touch! If they end up joining us, we'll give you £1000.