Consumption gives us the surface level information that helps us decide what we want to create. The real learning happens when you start creating and contributing towards some thing/goal/topic.

Imagine what you learned in school. You consumed a lot of information. But how much of it have you retained and use daily?

Same goes for books, events and podcasts.

If you're just consuming, your retention and daily use will be limited.

If you truly want to learn. Start creating and contributing.

Yes, it will be awkward in the start, because you won't be as good as the people you consume from. But you don't pick up a guitar for the first time and start playing like Ed Sheeran.

It takes sometime.

But remember - Learning begins when you begin to "create"

This is what I'm trying to do with my content creation.

I want to become better at writing and building a social presence to amplify awareness and serve the community of aspiring entrepreneurs, leaders, philosophers and mother nature.

So, apart from just reading about Startups, Stoicism, Climate Change and More. I've decided to start creating content.

You should expect to see more of this in more places (podcasts, video, interviews, events and on LinkedIn).

All this is just me trying to learn :)