We are a fragile transdisciplinary place-based network situated in the Hyderabad-Karnataka region. We want to

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You have come to the digital garden of our place-based network. You can choose to navigate our digital garden by Place, Network or Collective. Each gets you to start browsing through information of a particular kind. For example, if you choose place, the notes are about the plural contexts in the Dakkhani region. This is a space that will keep getting updated regularly. Our core members and network members can reach out to us directly. If anyone from the wider public has a query, concern, suggestion or thoughts then please do write to us on info@thelivinglabs.net

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<aside> 🗨️ Living Labs Network and Forum is a registered non-profit company. It is co-envisioned to support and foster place-based and practice-based research currently focused on the Dakkhani region (also known as Hyderabad-Karnataka or Kalyana Karnataka Region). We engage, experiment, explore and evaluate in a collaborative manner to imagine an alternative narrative and pathway to overall development. Our learning and actions are from the everyday socio-cultural practices carried out by different actors and communities in the settlements they inhabit. We see this as a way to find new modes of creative collaborations that put the local histories, cultures and mundane everyday practices at the helm of conducting collaborative research. Our work will explore different modes of engagement within the network such as collaborative project, experimental collaborations, Infrastructuring, and public pedagogy. Know more..


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<aside> ❤️ Bidar: H.no.19-6-14/2, Salma Manzil, Shiv Nagar, Bidar, Karnataka, India, 585401


<aside> 💚 Bengaluru: No 434, 803, Vars Splendid, Vijinapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, 560016


<aside> 💜 Note: The Living Labs Network & Forum maintains this digital garden in collaboration with Team YUVAA - Bidar.