This space contains a collection of guidelines and principles that enable product teams to work towards the most efficient way, focusing on creating value with minimal effort, always focusing on testing hypothesis to achieve our goals. This is a living document that should be iterated as we discover newer ways to work better within our culture.

We want to have consistency across the teams, so that moving from one to another does not mean radically changing anyone's day to day.

Our working principles

Those principles help us to think about our product decisions.

We focus on outcomes, not on outputs

Output means nothing if it is not driving our business forward. Goals & Problems are much more permanent than features, and we focus on how to solve those. By having clear goals we can iterate our solutions until we find one that changed our customers experiences to the better, and moved our metrics in the right direction.

We know nothing

Instead of thinking that we've seen it all, and that we know what we are doing, we accept that there is much more to learn, always, specially from our customers.

We ask why

We are not afraid to challenge decisions and to express our opinion, as long as we do it aiming to achieve the best outcome for our business.

We test things

Before jumping into conclusions and committing to a 6 month project, we test things. Talk to customers, create prototypes, create AB test, validate hypothesis. Reduce uncertainty before investing time and money into a full solution development. Iterate, always, with smaller assumptions and tests, towards a bigger goal.