There are 11 water providers in England and Wales and the water regulator Ofwat determines what each provider can charge, reviewed every 5 years. Though households in England and Wales can’t change provider, prices may be increasing or decreasing depending on which area you live in.

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Here are the 11 water providers in England and Wales with average annual household combined water and sewerage bills.

Provider 2020/21 2021/22 2022/23
Anglian £435 £430 £452
Welsh Water £460 £463 £463
Hafren Dyfrdwy £310 £316 £334
Northumbrian £322 £330 £365
Severn Trent £365 £363 £389
South West £515 £503 £473
Southern £407 £419 £402
Thames £403 £420 £423
United Utilities £436 £425 £422
Wessex £476 £454 £470
Yorkshire £424 £425 £419

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How to save money on water

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Depending on where you live, your water rates may be going up or down. But saving money on your water bill depends on whether you have a water meter. If you don’t have a meter, you pay a fixed amount based on the rateable value of your home. If you do have a meter, you pay for the amount of water you use, so reducing your usage is the only way to save money. Paying based on metered usage can be more or less expensive, depending on how much water you actually use.

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