Recycling and sorting is important in Belgium. Some types of waste are collected at your doorstep others have to be disposed at collection points or container parks. IVAGO, the waste management company of Ghent, gives you all the information you need, for instance the collection calander in your neighbourhood (input your home address). However the information is only in Dutch 🤨 Therefore some leads from us on managing and sorting your waste:

<aside> 🗑️ Collection containers Student houses with over 10 residential units have special collection containers for household waste, glass, paper and cardboard, PMD and possibly GFT (vegetable, fruit, food leftovers and garden waste). Ask your landlord for the collection dates. Note that you have to put your household waste and PMD in the official IVAGO bags and place these bags in the correct container. Students staying in the University Halls of Residence will be informed about specific waste management instructions.