Here's an article by a guest author, Myles Allen, arguing that climate change is incredibly serious but that the way some activists are talking about the recent IPCC report (considered to be the scientific consensus on global warming) is at times alarmist. We are going down a very dangerous road if we don't act on climate change now, Allen agrees, but he also says the idea that most people will feel world-ending impacts in twelve years is not supported.

The Problem With Claiming We Have "12 Years to Climate Breakdown" | RealClearScience

In this case, since Allen is not a reporter but instead presented as an expert. Check out his expertise by doing a Wikipedia search on his name. You'll have to use a bit of creativity here — but replace the domain name you've been searching on with his name.

Is he well qualified to write this article? Why or why not?

(Again, remember it's not about whether you think he is right or wrong here. We just want to know if his opinion here is worth considering and why.)

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