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🤝 Connecting Kitchens to Creators and Brands

We are more than SaaS — we're building the franchise of the future; a place where kitchens connect to creators to create culinary concepts for consumers everywhere.

🎤 What We Do

klikit is building the future of franchises — delivery or otherwise — by creating the pipes and rails for both merchants on the supply side, with creators and brands on the other. We truly believe that the fragmented food, grocery and retail space needs re-imagining, and we will be the first to get it right. With a first-of-its-kind enterprise and consumer technology stack, this team of ex-Gojek, -Uber, -Nike and more is connecting kitchens and role-model creators first in APAC, then the world.

We are the first to have built the marketplace, via our two-sided technology stack;

  1. Enterprise Software that enables us to manage multiple virtual brands, across multiple locations - and importantly multiple sales channels, and...
  2. Mobile Ordering that aims to elevate how customers and creators (celebrities) experience food with a variety of fun and funky social systems — like digital drops and exclusive content!

This means that klikit enables 'franchising in the cloud' connecting decentralized assets to powerful virtual brands for distribution to consumers across the world; with a focus on being delivery first. While we think that dine-in and takeout are big businesses, we know that shifting trends in new media and sectors like gaming are indicative of a much larger shift to staying home; one that can't be chalked up to COVID alone. And...while we could go into lots of sectors, food feels natural - and we are starting out supporting kitchens across Asia-Pacific drive delivery traffic; whether that means managing their own brands or partnering with klikit

Our vision is ambitious; we are a brand new business model that sits at the crinkled, cutting edge of commerce - one where everyone and anyone should be afforded the opportunity to virtually franchise products from the very creators whose content they consume daily.

👁️‍🗨️ Who We Are

🙃 (K)razy

We celebrate the crazy.

We are wildly ambitious, to the point of insanity. We will bring the world something no one has ever seen before, so in the wise words of Kanye...

“That’s just the reality. You know, if you guys want these crazy ideas, these crazy stages, this crazy music, and this crazy way of thinking, there’s a chance it might come from a crazy person.”

🤔 (K)urious

We cultivate curiosity - in and outside.

We recognise that curiousity is essential in fast-moving, complicated ecosystem businesses.

Whether digging deep with customers and driving toward the root cause of an issue - or investing time investigating new approaches to existing problems - we need to be constantly questioning to build the best business possible.