Here are the steps to record the data for the wand calibration

  1. Prepare a wand, which is a stick or support where you have put 2 tags separated by a know distance (like 70cm)

  2. On the calibration.js file of the master control folder, set the variable autoCalibrationActivated to true.

  3. Select the cameras all you cameras in the calibration page

  4. The 1. will display the Auto Calibration button. Click on it to start recording the data

  5. Now we will proceed with the tags. Turn one tag on, and let the cameras see it (for a few seconds). And then turn the second one on.

  6. Move the wand (not too quickly in the play area, try to do cover the space by the wand movements. The goal is to record data of the play area.

  7. Turn off the tags on the wand

  8. Quit the auto-calibration by clicking on the "Exit calibration" button at the end of the page