The problem: Most of us think our colleagues are pretty great but we often forget to tell them. After all, it's a bit awkward to start raving about working with someone at the end of a Zoom call. This means we often skip spontaneous praise altogether leaving people feeling underappreciated or wondering about their performance.

The solution: Wall of Praise is a space to give everyone the opportunity to praise people they work with - even if they don't work with them directly. In a chosen channel, one person receives a whole flood of lovely praise on that day. And once they've finished jumping up and down in the air and wiped away the tears of gratitude, they can nominate the next person at the company to receive it.

How it works

We recommend channels with up to 40 people so no one waits too long for their turn.

Some reactions from the team @ Spill

"I was just eating chocolate and then I got the wall of praise, and now I'm eating chocolate and reading the wall of praise and I'm not sure how the day could get any better. THANK YOU, so so lovely!!!!!"

"oh my days wall of praise is SO GREAT!!!! i feel INDESTRUCTIBLE! i want to headbutt a rhino!"

"Wall of Praise is amazing! Thank you for your beautiful messages, they've made my week"

"WALL OF PRAISE WALL OF PRAISE WALL OF PRAISE. You're all a dream. Thaaaanks"

"THE WALL OF PRAISE IS THE BEST FEATURE EVER. It was so overwhelming. It made me cry & I couldn't get through it all in one go"

"Thank you so much for the completely overwhelming wall of praise i love you!!! i turned up crying to the interview lol that was an interesting way to explain the feature hahaha"


"Thanks again guys for the wall of praise. It was so nice and made my week!! Hope everyone has an amazing weekend"