April 10, 2021

A little about me:

Hello! I am Karen Matala. I just joined a new company called Jogg.co as one of their developers.

I was the former CTO of 1Export.net. My previous engineering jobs included Rocket Internet's product called Carmudi, a japanese startup called Commude and an enterprise experience as my first job at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise or HP.

One of my side initiatives is I am a lead at Women Who Code Manila as one of their PHP mentors. Come join us in the community of women in tech or those that would like to explore the tech industry you are all invited to join.

Many of us who are stuck at home found their green thumb because of the lock downs so I am like among of the many they call a Plantita. I have around 3 dozens of succulents as of today.


As an outline we are going to revolve these topics.

  1. Autonomy and Productivity Tools
  2. Traits to Develop
  3. Social Life
  4. Physical Health

On Autonomy and Productivity

Minsan ba feeling mo sobra na ang work? Like wala ng boundaries? For me, the first few weeks of actually working from home under the pandemic is hard. Iba yung work from home pre-and-during a pandemic. There's a lot of anxiety and no one actually has the correct handbook for this case. So give yourself some time to adjust and try to take some routines on how your day would flow.