<aside> 🦊 It’s good to be intentional. This exercise asks participants to tell what they most want out of the workshop.


<aside> 🦊 Why brand strategy?

In case the room needs a reminder:

Brand is the personality of your business as understood by others.




Roll call

Guiding Question

<aside> 🦊 Collate and translate the intentions into a question that the facilitation should answer.



<aside> 🦊 Having and identifying a strong WHY creates an opportunity to include this in your brand messaging, giving people stronger reasons to choose you than just your products.

Starting with WHY is the first step to creating an empowering, mythic level brand. Without your WHY, you’ve got nothing.

In this section we identify the reasons behind your organisation’s activities. Enter as many as you can, digging as deep as you can.


<aside> 🦊 If stuck, a good head start is asking people why they like working in the organisation, and fleshing out the reasons that are not selfish


Reasons for doing what you do.