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Important Feature highlights

By far the most powerful WooCommerce product table plugin on the market. No other product table plugin can give you such a rich feature set!

Note: Look out for (⚡ USP) features. These are special features only available in WCPT PRO and nowhere else! For example: Gallery, Remove from cart, Child row, Download CSV, Freeze columns, ToolTip, Element conditions, etc.

Didn't find what you need? The plugin includes many more features not covered in this list. So please contact support to check if your desired features is available in the plugin.

Archive override

Now you can easily replace the default WooCommerce grids on your shop / category / search / attribute / tag pages with WCPT product tables of your choice. See demo

Checkbox add to cart

Let customers quickly add multiple products to cart using a checkbox instead of the typical button system. Supercharge your quicker order form! See Demo →

Product add-ons compatible

WCPT PRO is compatible with the official WooCommerce Product Add-Ons plugin. So you can display additional product options in a modal box or inside a table column.