Unlock The World Of Decentralized Finance

I. Market Context

As DeFi is slowly maturing and becoming indispensable to the crypto market, startups related to this sector are coming up pretty strong, and one of the keywords that people will hear a lot about this year is “DeFi as a Service”.

The term "as a service" is used to refer to products deployed as a service, and customers are selected according to their needs and designed to meet high customization. The same goes for DeFi as a Service. Projects targeting "DeFi as a Service" sector are often designed to reach customers in need, making them easier to access DeFi services. And Vortex DeFi is one of the hottest projects launching this month in this sector.

II. Problems and Solutions.

Vortex DeFi aims to solve 3 main issues of the DeFi: Gas fees, complex user experience and the difficulty of managing assets and portfolios.

The first problem that Vortex DeFi aims to solve is that in the current DeFi market, there are too many products for investors to choose from. For example, an investor may have to access an application to borrow money, then use another platform to swap, followed by another platform to provide Liquidity / Yield Farming.

This also leads to the second problem, which is gas fees. With most of the current popular DeFi platforms appearing on Ethereum, the gas fees for ETH transactions have soared to an indescribable level in recent times. And when you have to use multiple platforms, the more you have to transfer across ETH network, the more gas fees you must spend. No one should spend $30 for a 200$ value transaction.

The last problem that Vortex DeFi wants to solve is its complicated user interface. This is one of the prominent issues that Black Mamba Ventures has written about. You can read it again here.

To solve the above problems, Vortex DeFi wants to turn itself into a "convenience store", a one-stop solution to the DeFi world. And they want to do this through their products.

III. Project Overview

Vortex DeFi describes itself as a One-Stop DeFi Solution, the bridge between two ecosystems: Polkadot and Ethereum. This means that users can find all DeFi related services at Vortex DeFi. From NFT asset tracking, loans, insurance, savings, and more, it's all on Vortex. Vortex DeFi's main products will include