It is good to see you here. The very fact that you have reached here signals that there are many steps that you have already taken to support the cause of taking technical education for the girls from the rural area.

Perhaps, the next few steps are going to be the hardest ones. They would need us to proactively find our place in the middle of the unstructured structure that is there right now. But I promise, once you have settled in, it would be so much easier.



At NavGurukul, we run a one year residential course for young women between the age group of 16-25 years, from underserved communities, to learn Software Programming languages such as Python, Javascript, HTML/CSS, and support them till they get placed as Software Developers.

We're 4 and a half years old, and at present have 4 residential campuses (Dharamshala, Bangalore, Sarjapur-Bangalore and Pune) which have a capacity of 600+ students.

Since the second half of 2020, we've begun scaling up our organisation in an effort to reach more students and help transform their lives by providing them an opportunity to learn software programming and assist them with skills that can make them employable.

We partner with NGOs and Government bodies who work with a large student pool, to help reach the students with this opportunity. Interested students, give an entrance assessment which tests them on basic mathematics and logical thinking. Once, that is cleared, there are a few rounds of interviews that are conducted to check the ability, interest and need of the student to enrol in the program.

We recently partnered with an organisation in Maharashtra who mobilised over 4200 students for the entrance assessment, but after all the rounds, only 100 could convert into NavGurukul students.

This is where Meraki comes in...

We at Meraki are targeting the remainder students, who had the opportunity but lacked the aptitude to get through the entrance assessment. There are multiple students like them, who may have had multiple opportunities, but lacked the right aptitude to make use of the provided opportunity.

Through Meraki we wish to make programming and digital skills accessible to learners from different communities through a smartphone, and support their learning journey through our live classes. We are currently working with 500+ learners and aim to reach over 100k users by the end of the year!

We're providing the following programs on Meraki:

You can volunteer with us to help teach students in any of the above programs through Meraki!

Checkout the application

Meraki can be downloaded from

Meraki - Learn Python, English in Hindi, English - Apps on Google Play

You can walkthrough the application using the following link.