Among many benefits of volunteering aside from giving back to the community is the feeling of satisfaction with your participation. WordFest Live is a celebration of the community, and the Festival of WordPress, it is our volunteers who contributed to the success of the event.


Why does a virtual event need volunteers?

That’s a great question. Although the event is virtual and the need for support isn’t quite at the same level as it would be for a physical in-person event, there are still plenty of roles to fill.

Why volunteers and not paid team members?

Another great question. WordFest Live has no paid team members.

As it is being delivered by Big Orange Heart, a non-profit that relies on the generosity of people donating their time. Everyone working on the project is volunteering their time.

All funds raised via sponsorship and donations through the event are being dedicated to the further delivery of free wellbeing and mental health support for the remote working community.